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Wensley & Jones  represents individuals, businesses, banks and other lending institutions in all aspects of commercial and residential real estate transactions. The attorneys at Wensley & Jones, supported by an experienced staff that includes real estate, are equipped to provide for all of your real estate needs from the drafting of purchase and sale agreements and the preparation of complex documentation needed for large sophisticated financing to addressing the requirements of constantly changing environmental laws.

Whether you are a first time home buyer, or a seasoned real estate developer  Wensley & Jones has the experience necessary to assist you with respect to your real estate needs, from representation at a closing to representation before regulatory boards such as local planning boards or state agencies such as the Wetlands Board. In addition to commercial real estate transactions  Wensley & Jones has served local and reginal banking institution and other lenders in connection with foreclosures, loan workouts and restructuring, as well as in deficiency litigation..

Wensley & Jones  serves as agent for First American Title Insurance Company.

Business Formation and Acqusition

Whether your starting your own business or buying someone elseís,  Wensley & Jones is prepared to assist you. We have experience in corporate and limited liability company formation, as well as in partnership law. We have helped many small businesses become bigger - and we would be proud to be of assistance to you.

Bankruptcy and Debtorís and Creditorís Rights

Bankruptcy Law and issues related to Creditorís and Debtors Rightís are a complex and specialized area of practice. Wensley & Jones has many years of experience in the successful representation of clients in personal and business bankruptcy proceedings, both from a debtor and creditor standpoint. Personal and business bankruptcies, Chapter11, Chapter13 or otherwise, composition agreements, workouts and all aspects of creditor and debtor relations are areas in which Wensley & Jones is equipped to assist you in developing a strategy to protect your interests and to see that such strategy is effectively implemented, either in court or through negotiations with your debtors or creditors.