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Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning

It is frequently observed that no one should be without a will, because if you donít have one the government will control such important decisions as to whom and how your estate will be distributed, who will administer it and who will care for your minor children. For these reasons alone it is important to have a will that expresses your desires and will insure that those wishes are carried out upon your death. Additionally, frequently changing and complex tax laws make estate planning a difficult area requiring periodic review and adjustment to changing circumstances. A well thought out estate plan can result in significant tax savings for your estate and your loved ones.  Wensley & Jones is ready to assist you in preparing a will and in developing an estate plan designed to address the current and long-term needs of you and your family.

Whether your estate plan involves the establishment of a living or testamentary trust, educational trust, the creation of a special needs trust for a person with a disability or the implementation of a planned giving program to transfer assets to your children or grandchildren during your lifetime (while you can enjoy seeing the fruits of your labors being enjoyed),  Wensley & Jones is prepared to advise you as to the options available to you and with the drafting of the documents necessary to carry out your wishes.

Probate and Estate Administration

Wensley & Jones has, for many years, assisted and represented fiduciaries in probate proceedings involving the administration of estates, guardianships and trusts. Such assistance has involved the preparation and/or filing of required documents with the probate court, communication with beneficiaries, representation in estate tax audits, and arranging for the preparation and filing of required state and federal tax returns.